The Rocna

We planned to buy a Rocna (plow type) anchor before we arrived in Georgian Bay as a second type of anchor. The substrate we are used to is mud and sand and our Danforth anchors and rode, of chain and line (rope), are perfectly suited for holding in the conditions we are in on the coast of BC.

In Georgian Bay the substrate is rocky and weedy and the Danforth does not hold reliably.

Anchoring can be the most stressful part of cruising, as you are tired from a day of sun, wind, rain and Roger worries and can’t sleep if he’s not sure we are going to be in the same location in the morning when we wake up.

Ideally you have a scope of 7:1 so that the length of the anchor rode which is the chain plus line is seven times the length of the distance from the bowsprit to the depth of the water you are anchored in (a scope of 3:1 is a minimum).

For example; if the distance between your bowsprit and the bottom measures 20 feet, you should have around 140 feet of rode out. This way you are unlikely to drift and more likely to get a good nights sleep.


We forgot to buy the Rocna. Well, we didn’t really want to buy one because of: the price; the fact that we have two Danforth anchors already; and, don’t really have space to store another anchor.


We need one!


It needs to be 10kg for the size of our 27-foot Albin.

It’s nothing that $375.00 can’t fix including taxes and shipping!!

After our experience where we tried to anchor six times in Echo Bay, and our Danforth anchor dragged over the weeds, we knew we needed to buy a new anchor.


Finally a lovely gentleman named Bill came over with a grapple anchor. He was watching us, as were probably all of the other cruisers in the bay as this is part of the fun of cruising…and offered his spare anchor.

He uses a Rocna for his main anchor and likes it and he taught Power Squadron for 40 years, so I trust his judgment.

We used the grapple anchor as a kellet or extra weight on the Danforth and this technique worked!

After we got secured on bottom and after we figured they had had dinner, we went over to thank Bill with a bottle of wine and to ask when they were leaving the next morning and needed their spare anchor back.

We ended up spending the evening and looking over Bills and Ann’s charts (maps) and having a tour of their new to them Chris Craft boat.

They have two staterooms (bedrooms) and one has a king-size round bed and a bathtub which seems a little over the top to the owners and makes them laugh but it was on his bucket list according to his wife.

You may recall that Roger and I  put our kitchen table down every night for our almost double-sized bed and I use the nine-inch round sink in the head to sponge bathe or go for a swim in the cold waters of Georgian Bay before breakfast!

The next day Roger ordered a Rocna anchor by phone from Kingston, Ontario, and had it delivered to Parry Sound at the Big Sound Marina where we were tied up for a few days (while we visited Roger’s friends at their new cottage at Otter Lake, north of Toronto and near the Muskokas).

By the way, Bill didn’t accept the wine. He was happy to help us as boaters often help each other.

Anyone want to buy a used anchor?


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