I moved the First Aid Kit and we don’t list anymore


Kirkfield Lock is where I took a tumble and scraped up both legs (6X8 inches) and one arm and the opposite hand. There wasn’t much blood, but it hurt and I was so shaken I went back to the boat and couldn’t figure out what to do at first. The First Aid Kit was buried under a lot of stuff in the galley locker and that seemed too arduous to move, so, I ate an orange (vitamin C and healing).

When I calmed down I dug out the First Aid Kit and washed the wounds and applied liquid Band-Aid.

The liquid Band-Aid was great. It burned and made my leg look quite puckered, which was troubling at first, but it prevented infection and I didn’t have to wear a ginormous Band-Aid.

I lay down and put my legs up to stop the throbbing and had a nap and that pretty much fixed that problem along with longer shorts to cover the damage. Now a couple of weeks later, my legs look almost normal, and the tan helps.

Yesterday, I moved the First Aid Kit to a more accessible location.


The Princess

I’m having a little trouble with my head now though. I keep bashing it and bonking it on wooden parts on the boat in the aft cabin and the galley when I’m making up the bed or digging things out of a locker, or just passing through. Sometimes it happens when the boat is not even moving.

Roger hears a bump and asks, “Was that your head, again?”

He says I am “like a moose growing into my antlers!“

I don’t think my head is growing except Roger has been very kind and appreciative lately and saying a lot of nice things to me, so it might be growing a bit.

I think the problem is that the small, enclosed spaces in the aft cabin and the galley are not square and things stick out from the wall in unlikely places and I really don’t have eyes in the back of my head.

Also the boat is rocking even in port and it used to list to port because the 30-gallon water tank is on the port side, so when it is filled up it greatly changes the level of the boat from side to side. Add to that, the floors are not level at the bottom of the stairs in the galley and you see my point.

Yesterday we were in port and we spent some time shifting things from port to starboard and now the boat is on a more even keel.

This will make the boat more efficient to run and safer, theoretically, and helps the bed be level, which I appreciate.

Now I notice the boat is not level from bow to stern…. Sigh…

The upshot of all this unevenness is that I have learned that Roger doesn’t notice the niceties of things being level, and now calls me Princess, which I take in the best possible way.



9 thoughts on “I moved the First Aid Kit and we don’t list anymore

  1. Hi you two, We’ve been thinking about you lots and had many laughs reading your blog today. We’re certainly glad to hear that you got a new anchor, have liquid band aide, have managed to level the boat and that there’s a princess on board. Living in very cramped quarters has many challenges and certainly smacking one’s head is no exception! Mary, Peter says, ” Wear bike helmet! ” We’ve been busy hosting family visitors, camping, visiting family in Summerland, swimming in Green Lake, harvesting abundant garden produce ( tomatoes are ripe ) and generally enjoying the gorgeous summer weather. Off to the Farmer’s market this morning, golf this afternoon, will be canning peaches tomorrow and then to the Garlic festival on Sunday. Life is good! Happy travels and smooth motoring. Cheers, Susan and Peter

  2. Don’t you just love the kids…a helmet!!!
    Hope you’re doing ok…play any injury up for all it’s worth…can’t cook, can’t clean, need service..
    Where is that cabin boy! (It’s so hard to get good help)…

  3. Heh Princess and Cabin Boy! You sound awesome for a couple in close proximity most of the time. You two will be stronger together I bet and have so many things to remember and tease each other about later. Fun to catch up with you. Off to see the movie The Giver with Shannon R. On Wed. Wish you could come.Hugs to you both, Cobina

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