Peace and Quiet and the Cabin Boy


My new friend Kathy, who is also doing the Great Loop with her husband, overheard Roger say that I wanted him to go fishing or something so that I could have a break and time to myself. She was surprised and said, “He’s not supposed to know that!”

Roger, of course, knows that about me. I might say “don’t you want to go fishing?” Or I might try “ doesn’t this look like a good place to fish?” and then if he stalls I might say “when did you say you were going?” Then he looks at me directly and asks “Do you want me to go away for a while?” and I smile and then he goes.

He knows I need peace and quiet and time to relax without anyone rocking the boat, jumping into the boat, bashing around in the lockers, standing in the way and smiling at me, or playing his music too loud.

Later, Kathy said that her husband John was the Captain when he was driving the boat and otherwise he was the Cabin Boy.

I thought…. Hmmmm…. I need a Cabin Boy too, and so now I have one! His job is to do stuff and fix stuff and generally be respectful.

He pulls the anchor, installs safety items like the fire alarm, puts up hooks, fills the diesel tanks, sweeps up the main cabin, helps with shopping and cooking, readies the motor on the tender, and takes my kayak down from the roof rack, takes his turn with the dishes, assists in leveling the boat and generally makes himself useful (Roger wants everyone to know that he does his engine checks daily and maintains the boat too as Captain).

Roger that!

Today the Cabin Boy told me I could have a cup of tea or a foot massage whenever I want one and I like that!

I’ll let you know how that goes…..

I thought we should name the Cabin Boy and need some help.

Somehow a French name seems appropriate…


10 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet and the Cabin Boy

  1. I could loan you my “Husband For Sale” T shirt.

    Been following you daily on SPOT and anxiously waiting for your next blog post. Enjoyed all of them today.


    • Hi By,
      Good to hear from you! We just said again today that meeting new people is the best part of the trip!
      where are you now? Are you home? How was your trip back?
      Mary and Roger

      • Had a great trip back. Leaving next week for a wedding in Iowa and then up to Peterborough, ON. Lin and I are spending 10 days on the Kiwartha Voyageur cruising from Kingston to Big Chute. A chance to share some of what I did this summer with Lin.
        I check your SPOT page daily and look on the satellite view to see exactly where you are (Beardstown today).


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